Aerospace Cleaning Products

With Petroferm's line of products, we offer manufacturers, MROs and airlines the most complete range of approved cleaning products in the market. From manual cleaning to sophisticated parts washing, together with Petroferm's sales and technical professionals, we are trained to help customers select, evaluate and implement the most appropriate products and processes. What’s more, by working with top cleaning equipment manufacturers, we can present a turnkey approach that addresses requirements for both throughput and cleanliness.

Trusted Brands For High Reliability Cleaning. For more than 25 years, Petroferm has supplied cleaning products engineered to meet the aerospace industry’s performance and compatibility requirements. Brands such as AXAREL®, BIOACT®, CleanSafe™ and LENIUM® have been trusted and approved by leading manufacturers and repair facilities in over 30 countries worldwide.

Safety, Health & Environmental Responsibility are cornerstones of both our products and work practices. From reducing VOC emissions to eliminating exposures to improving fire risk, we have extensive experience helping customers find suitable replacements for acetone, IPA, MEK, MPK, mineral spirits, TCE (US EPA ruled carcinogen), PERC, methylene chloride, HCFCs and other hazardous solvents.

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